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Prepped for Growth, Wild Foods Packages for Scale

You can tell a lot about a brand's growth from their packaging. That feeling of seeing an awesome brand go from stamping a few packages a week to shipping out dozens of custom boxes a day, well that's pretty much why we do this. As a brand grows, there's an evolution in how their packaging speaks for their brand, how it works with their product, and how it functions in their fulfillment system. Wild Foods is adapting to their growth with one of our favorite solutions for scale — custom tape.

 Prepped for Growth, Wild Foods Packages for Scale

Since Colin Stuckert started his organic health foods brand in January of 2015, he's gone from 30 orders in the first month to 6,000 orders per month and some retail wholesale orders to boot. Along the way, the Wild Foods team has grown to 20 people, with more and more suppliers and farmers around the world supplying ingredients for their small batch foods. Even with the growth of the business, a big part of Wild Foods' brand success can be attributed to maintaining complete control of the brand — from the the brand image to the supply chain, and the packaging. "The less people in the [supply] chain, the better we are able to control the quality."

 Prepped for Growth, Wild Foods Packages for Scale


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Early last year, Wild Foods was shipping their first products in boxes and bubble mailers, then they added custom packing tape. With more and more shipments going out, Wild Foods began to outgrow the packing tape. The plastic aesthetic didn't quite fit the natural paper textures of the branding and at high volumes, it wasn't the fastest fulfillment solution.

Now Wild Foods ships in 10 sizes of our Economy Mailer Boxes and seals them all with Custom Gummed Tape. Colin chose a variety of box sizes so that the products can "snugly fit different product variations neatly into each box without any wasted space or postage." To seal the variety of boxes, gummed tape is a versatile solution for shipping high volumes because the dispensers let you cut consistent sizes and the water-activated adhesive lays flat and fast for speedy fulfillment. With Wild Foods' natural aesthetic, the paper texture of the tape also compliments their branding.

 Prepped for Growth, Wild Foods Packages for Scale

“The less people in the [supply] chain, the better we are able to control the quality.”

The Wild Foods product line is impressive with 45 coffees, teas, oils, and other natural foods. But the brand started as many online native business do — with one stellar product. (It's what Bonobos's CEO Andy Dunn calls this getting one thing right.) Colin's personal need for clean, nutritional foods spurred his own search for the world's cleanest whey protein. The whey protein was Wild Foods' debut product and now it's their best seller.

As Wild Foods continues to scale, Colin said, "I want [customers] to notice the extra details and care that goes into every aspect of the Wild buying experience." And the next big evolution in the Wild experience will be to swap out blank boxes and custom tape for custom mailer boxes. Now that they're scaling up, custom boxes are more efficient for their branding and their budget. What's their next step after custom boxes? Colin has his sights set on having Wild Foods in every major organic grocery store and starting a Wild Foods coffee/tea bar in every major U.S. city.

No matter the size of your business, you can control the complete experience of your brand. It's never to late or too early to find the ideal packaging solution for your needs.

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