Talk Shop with Hana Ardelean and Jen Dionne, founders of Tiger Tiger Studio

There's not much Hana Ardelean and Jen Dionne aren't up to these days. The self-taught photography and directing collective are Tiger Tiger Studio. Their work spans from dreamy fashion editorials to music videos with small, local bands. They've also built an impressive client list shooting major campaigns with, Halston, and Bud Light. Somehow, they found time to photograph Miguel and Earl Sweatshirt for The Fader along the way.

The duo is making a name for themselves with their raw, visual storytelling. Ask them how they made a name for themselves and what advice they have for working with great clients at Talk Shop on Thursday, April 12. Before they stop by Lumi HQ, learn more about Hana and Jen's story in this Q&A and RSVP for Talk Shop here

“We weren't trained photographers so it wasn't an obvious path but we dabbled in it, realized we loved it and went full force pursuing it.”

 Talk Shop with Hana Ardelean and Jen Dionne, founders of Tiger Tiger Studio

What’s the story behind the name Tiger Tiger Studio?

Our name was 100% inspired by the William Blake poem "The Tyger". We had just decided to start the business together and we were struggling to find a name. A friend gave us a book of poetry so we were flipping through it in hopes of getting some ideas. The first paragraph hit us because although the poem was not about photography it had a bunch of random words and imagery that paralleled it. The first two words of the poem are "Tyger Tyger." It felt right. We decided to go with the current, correct spelling of Tiger for the sake of googling (:

How did you two meet and when did you decide to start your business together?

We met in speech class in college. We clicked instantly, moved in together a month later, and started making things. We realized fairly quickly that we sparked an impulse to create in each other. We made anything and everything that popped into our heads! Jewelry, clothes, art ... we knew deep down we would have a business together one day. We weren't trained photographers so it wasn't an obvious path but we dabbled in it, realized we loved it, and went full force pursuing it.

 Talk Shop with Hana Ardelean and Jen Dionne, founders of Tiger Tiger Studio

What’s one of your favorite spots to shoot in Los Angeles?

Downtown. There is so much untouched history and a bizarre mix of architecture. You can find an underpass that looks like a post-apocalyptic wasteland and then a sparkling mirrored futuristic building right down the street.

Who is your dream client? 

We have a couple. We have always dreamed of shooting for Jil Sander. The ads are always so moving, moody and come across with a simple sophistication. And then currently we have been drooling over the Jacquemus line and it would incredible to shoot his beautiful pieces. 

Whose work has influenced you most? There are a ton of artists ranging from music to photography that influence us.  An iconic artist that we have always loved since day one as photographers is Richard Avedon's work. He is a master at capturing the essence of the woman he is photographing. 

How do you balance the photography and film aspects of your business?
This is definitely one perk of having two us. As Hana loves to say, "Let's divide and conquer!" There are times when this job requires both of our minds working on the same task, and other times when it's more efficient to split up the workload. 

Images via Alternative Apparel.

Meet the creative duo next Thursday, you don't want to miss it — RSVP here.

When: Thursday, April 12, 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. Wine, cheese, and mingling at 6:30pm. Talk is at 7pm.

Where: Lumi HQ, 3828 S Santa Fe Ave, Vernon, CA 90058

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