Talk Shop with Heather Lipner of Clashist and Drawsta

You’ve probably seen one of Heather Lipner’s shirts before — maybe even on James Franco or his cat. Her former company, Clashist sold shirts patterned with all kinds of graphic and photo goodness. They quickly became a cult fashion statement. But sadly and suddenly in 2015 Clashist shut down for reasons beyond her control. In her own words, “I stood to comment on a culture in a unique & meaningful manner. I will continue to do so, soon.”

Lucky for anyone who love t-shirts, pop culture, gifs, fashion, and animated chicken nuggets, she’s continued on to Drawsta. At Drawsta, Heather only makes two shirt designs, both pleasant line drawings of fanciful characters. But through the Drawsta app, the line drawings reveal a super fun animation, updated weekly. A Drawsta shirt is an ever-changing animated tee and we can’t wait to try them for ourselves and talk to Heather about her business ventures at Talk Shop. Next Thursday, July 28, come to Lumi HQ and talk to Heather about what she learned from Clashist and her plans for Drawsta. Read more from Heather below and RSVP here.

 Talk Shop with Heather Lipner of Clashist and Drawsta

Why do you think Clashist was so well-received?

I think I hit on three things really well in most of the prints: nostalgia, affinity, and pop culture — things that elicit fond memories, things people love and/or are talking about right now. 

In the world of the minimal “capsule” wardrobe, what were your expectations for Clashist and Drawsta going in?

I didn’t really have any expectations with Clashist. It was a little surprising to me how well it did. Actually, it still surprises me how many fans still contact me and want the clothes that are discontinued. With Drawsta, I have a lot more expectations which I am currently working through. I think innovation takes more time for people to adapt to, and with Clashist it was in your face, so people got it right away. A t-shirt that animates — people are like, "What, how?" :)

Have you gotten any bizarre animation suggestions?

Ha, no. I think my visual ideas are the most bizarre. But it’s so early on — I hope I get some really weird ones! 

What is your favorite Drawsta animation that you've done?

I like the donut one a lot because we did it really quickly for Donut Day and a bunch of people posted it, so overall it felt fun, now, and hit the whole point of being able to create real-time fashion.

Are there any other fashion brands that are bringing tech into their brand in interesting ways? 

Mostly there is tech embedded within the hardware of fashion products like watches, rings, etc that track/provide individualized information. But fashion is about visual identity and expression, and successful fashion is fun, colorful or unique. I haven’t seen much around that just yet.

Come talk to Heather about about what she learned from Clashist and her plans for Drawsta. RSVP here.

When: Thursday, July 28. Talk is at 6:30 p.m. Feel free to come early and check out our HQ!

Where: 3828 S Santa Fe Ave, Vernon, CA 90058

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