Talk Shop with Brendan Monroe

By Katelan Cunningham · June 21, 2017

Brendan Monroe is a painter, sculptor, and California native. You may know him by his social media moniker, "Brendan the Blob." Brendan's blobby sculptures dwell in the same world as his immersive murals and you can find his work everywhere from galleries in Tokyo to the walls of Heath Ceramics in San Francisco. Next week, he'll be at Lumi HQ talking about how he became an artist, and how he continues to make a living at it.

Come hear his story and get blobs of free advice. RSVP here and read our Q&A with Brendan below.

 Talk Shop with Brendan Monroe  Talk Shop with Brendan Monroe

When did you officially feel like a professional artist?

I’ve been a full time artist for more than ten years now. I’ve gone through waves of success times and slow times. Now I feel sort of professional.

Why do you go by "Brendan the Blob" on social media?

That just sort of happened. Actually, I didn’t really intend for it to become a title, I just thought it was fun and better than "Brendan Monroe."

Are the forms in your murals and the forms in your sculptures part of the same universe?

Yes. Everything is part of the same language and story in its own way. The medium is just a variation.

 Talk Shop with Brendan Monroe  Talk Shop with Brendan Monroe

Working with ceramic glazes takes on a big element of variability and spontaneity. How do you account for that into your process?

It’s sometimes those processes that you go blindly into ,that you get some beautiful results. The surprises are part of working with a material like ceramic. The best thing is to embrace it.

What’s the hardest part about making art into a business?

Oh, all the little things. It would be so nice to make art and just worry about that part. It would be enough work there, easily. Mostly for me, if anything it's paperwork.

Where’s a dream location for your next mural?

A very nice and well kept garden.

Photos via Wide Walls and Brendan Monroe

Come talk to Brendan in person and hear his story. RSVP here.

When: Thursday, June 29. Talk is at 7 p.m. Wine, cheese, and mingling at 6:30. Feel free to come early and check out our HQ!

Where: 3828 S Santa Fe Ave, Vernon, CA 90058

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