Simple to Simply Decadent: A Typographer's Favorite Packaging

Illustrator/ designer Scott Biersack has a thing for typography. From drawing scripty chalk walls to designing a minimal luggage monogram for Jake Gyllenhaal (what?!), his lettering is adaptable and bold. He recently completed the Extended Type @ Cooper program, and we asked Scott to take his typographer's eye to the world of packaging to highlight what he loves about some of the standout pieces of the moment.

This roundup includes inspiration from some of our favorite companies and designers around the web. Unless specified, these designs are not made by Lumi.

Vintage Layering by Benham’s Gin

First off, let’s begin with this killer project from Stranger & Stranger. I might be a little biased since I worked there for a short time, but I can’t help but praise the amazing work the Stranger team constantly puts out. Everything about the packaging is amazing. I absolutely love the cut and paste sort of feel the front label has. It’s as if someone pieced this label together all by hand. The printed label, paired with the bottle emboss, and metal work on the neck takes this entire project to the next level.

 Simple to Simply Decadent: A Typographer's Favorite Packaging

Elaborate Gold by Citizens Playing Cards

Every single deck of cards released by Theory 11 is a sight for sore eyes. Meticulously crafted, beautifully rendered, and perfectly displayed. The insanely intricate design instantly catches my eye because of the outstanding printing methods including multi-level embossing and foil stamping. It’s an all around beaut that everyone should purchase just to stare at!

 Simple to Simply Decadent: A Typographer's Favorite Packaging

Clean and Minimal by Jaime’s Italian 

Sometimes, packaging can be unbelievably simple and still make a huge impact. That’s the case with the food products for Jaime’s Italian. The type choice, simple composition, and most importantly, the color bring it all together. Having very a very distinct color palette allows this brand to very easily communicate flavor, ingredients, and definitely show off that authentic Italian style. All around excellent execution on this packaging.

 Simple to Simply Decadent: A Typographer's Favorite Packaging

Bold Clarity by Blue Goose Pure Food

This packaging is top notch because of its simultaneous elegance and simplicity. I’ve been in love with Ben Kwok’s work for a while and seeing those killer illustrations on this brand brought a big smile to my face. The packaging is straightforward and to the point. What’s more to love? This is the perfect example of successful branding and packaging.

 Simple to Simply Decadent: A Typographer's Favorite Packaging

Mixing New and Old with Chava Rum

I have to mention another gorgeous liquor packaging / brand design. This rum packaging is out of this world in my opinion. Something completely unique in its nature and comes across as luxurious just by the various label positions – scattered with diverse Cuban inspired illustrations to top it all off. The logotype, color scheme, and label structure easily take the packaging to the next level. Here’s yet another piece of packaging to buy just to stare at its beauty (and drink it of course).

 Simple to Simply Decadent: A Typographer's Favorite Packaging

Balancing Textures with Mast Brothers Chocolate

Continuing with the simplicity and minimalism, we have Mast Brothers Chocolate which does that very well. Again, the perfect colors and patterns can go a long way. I think their packaging is a huge reason why they blew up within the Chocolate market as of lately. It’s definitely unlike any of their competition in terms of looks. With packaging like this, they’re saving a ton of money to most likely invest in the product itself. Another great example that shows you don’t need fancy printing or intricate designs to sell a product.

 Simple to Simply Decadent: A Typographer's Favorite Packaging

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