Stephan Ango

Co-founder of Lumi


Outmaneuvering the Behemoth with Web Smith

We talk to ecommerce expert, Web Smith about what to expect from the shifting landscape, startup disruption burnout, and how DNVBs can adapt to compete with retail giants.


Getting Serious About Fun with Jen Gotch

A heart-to-heart with founder Jen Gotch about the realness of running a business and the catharsis of social sharing.


Finding Truth in Science Fiction with Claire Evans and Jona Bechtolt

An interview about science fiction, Los Angeles, and the the history of women in technology with the artistic duo, YACHT.


Leveling the Playing Field with Sara Hicks

An interview with Sara Hicks about the future of e-commerce and how her open source platform Reaction Commerce is powering it.


Rebranding Your Underwear Drawer with Jonathan Shokrian

MeUndies founder, Jonathan Shokrian shares the past of MeUndies and plans for the future.


Getting Back to Basics with Galyn Bernard and Christina Carbonell

From their days at Quidsi to launching their own kid's clothing brand Primary, Galyn and Christina share what they've learned about e-commerce and entrepreneurship.


Telling Stories with Adam Lisagor

We talk to Sandwich Video's Adam Lisagor about how he became the face and voice of some of the most innovative tech brands.


Granting Permission with Polly  Rodriguez

Polly Rodriguez talks about founding Unbound Box to illuminating the sex health space for women, and her past at Grouper.


Dogfooding with Gabby Slome

Talking pup health and packaging design with the co-founder of the human-grade dog food brand, Ollie


Talking Trash with Iris Alonzo

Iris is taking her learnings from American Apparel and applying them to EVERYBODY, a new brand founded on ethics and ecology.


Being Frank with Jess Hatzis

Frank Body co-founder and Creative Director Jess Hatzis shares her strategies for creating the signature voice of the original coffee scrub brand.


Making Science Personal with Craig Elbert

Founder of Care/Of and former VP of Marketing at Bonobos, Craig Elbert tells us how he went from mens fashion to vitamins.


Becoming Your Own Refuge with Jesse Genet

From running a business with boobs to small space living, Lumi founder Jesse Genet shares some advice from her years as an entrepreneur.


Redesigning Comfort with Ariel Kaye

Parachute Home founder Ariel Kaye is on the podcast talking about the importance of branding and manufacturing when it comes redesigning home essentials.


Finding the Right Fit with Jay Fanelli and Nathan Peretic

Cotton Bureau founders Jay and Nate drop the big news about why and how they're launching their own line of blank t-shirts.


Tackling Taboos with Miki Agrawal

Founder of Thinx, Miki Agrawal talks about how she's taking stigmas head-on with innovative products for periods, pee, and poop.


Leveling Out and Narrowing In with Richie Siegel

Richie Siegel, the reporter behind Loose Threads joins us to take a look back at the major trends and shifts among direct-to-consumer brands in 2016.


Holiday Gift Guide 2016

22 of our favorite gift ideas from brands that ship with Lumi.


From Pixels to Print, Preparing Your Design for Production

How your dielines turn into physical packaging.


Being Happy is the Best Revenge with Tuesday Bassen

Illustrator and entrepreneur Tuesday Bassen talks to Stephan about the evolution of her work through a series of “What do I have to lose?” milestones in her life.


Asking Good Questions with Grace Bonney

Writer and entrepreneur Grace Bonney talks to Stephan about the evolution of her popular blog Design Sponge and her new book, "In the Company of Women."


Product Update

Why we decided to discontinue vinyl decals, and five other products.


Moving On When Everything is Perfect with Mig Reyes

Designer, writer Mig Reyes talks about the evolving role of the designer and his love of the four-day work week.


Vertical Commerce and How the Next Generation of Retail Will be Built


Release Notes: Pantone Matching, Custom Quotes, and New Pages

A lowdown on site improvements from July.​


Staying Small on Purpose with Jeff Sheldon

Ugmonk founder Jeff Sheldon talks to Stephan about how promoting brand transparency and staying small has earned Ugmonk an ever-growing, faithful following.


Making the Rulebook for Your Life with Aaron Draplin

Graphic design icon and Field Notes founder Aaron Draplin talk to Stephan about working hard and the impact of lasting relationships.