Lumi + Cratejoy, Boxes Designed for Subscriptions

Today we're excited to share a new project. Lumi is partnering with Cratejoy to offer boxes designed specifically for subscription box businesses.

Since the launch of our custom and blank boxes, some of our most fervent customers have been subscription companies looking to create a unique unboxing experience. These online-native businesses care about packaging because it is the first physical interaction with their customers. However, it can often be daunting for entrepreneurs to make the jump to a run of flexo-printed boxes that starts at 1,000 pieces. The new boxes we're launching with Cratejoy are geared to fill that void, and they're suited to growing subscription companies of any size.

Our goal was to provide great-looking boxes that are optimized for low-cost shipping, and available in bundles of 50 for a competitive price. We couldn't think of a better partner than Cratejoy to launch this idea.

The Cratejoy Box comes in two colors and two sizes Lumi + Cratejoy, Boxes Designed for Subscriptions

The Cratejoy Box comes in two colors and two sizes

Cratejoy makes it easy for anyone to launch and scale a subscription business. It's both a platform for subscription box companies to manage their business, and the first marketplace exclusively for subscription boxes. Since 2013, Cratejoy has made the subscription model accessible to any entrepreneur with tools that help businesses manage subscriber lists, inventory, logistics, and their online stores. Along with their educational resource Subscription School, they’ve answered just about every question you could have about how to run a subscription box service.

From the outset, our goal was to design boxes that responded best to the needs of subscription companies. Jesse Richardson, subscription box entrepreneur and Cratejoy's Community Marketing Manager, led the research and design process that helped us narrow in on the sizes and colors that would best serve those needs.

Jesse shared that the top thing their entrepreneurial community wants to know is where to find customers. A close second is where to find a great-looking box. When Cratejoy asked its for their opinions on various subscription boxes, some of the harshest reviews weren't on the products being shipped, but the packaging they were being shipped in.

“Customer perception wasn’t what it shouldn’t have been,” Jesse said. “The medium by which your product is shipped speaks volumes on quality and perceived value. It’s hugely important.”

Cratejoy tried providing educational webinars and packaging resources, but the simplest solution was to design a box with a quality they could stand behind. That's where Lumi came in.

 Lumi + Cratejoy, Boxes Designed for Subscriptions

We worked with Cratejoy to develop boxes that fit these important design criteria:

  • Sizes optimized for USPS cubic shipping tiers
  • Premium construction style with cherry locks, dust flaps, and rounded corners
  • White interior and flexographic printed Charcoal or Teal exterior
  • Low order minimum, starting at 50-count bundles
  • Made in the USA and 100% recyclable

As carriers have shifted to charging for shipping not only by weight but also volume, optimizing the size of these boxes was key. The two Cratejoy sizes were specifically chosen to provide the most space while still fitting within USPS’s Tier 1 and Tier 2 cubic pricing. Because the weight of subscription boxes can fluctuate from month to month, cubic pricing is a more consistent option that businesses can rely on and budget for.

We've written at length about the value of a well-crafted box. Small things like the design of the flaps can speed up fulfillment and better protect the contents during shipping, all while making the unboxing experience more exciting.

The boxes are printed on a flexographic press, giving the colors more vibrancy and consistency than digitally-printed boxes. The colors themselves were voted on by Cratejoy merchants, providing the choice between a neutral or a statement color. Charcoal is a great backdrop for colored shipping labels and colored tape. Teal makes a statement on doorsteps all on its own. The inside of the boxes are white, which may not seem like much, but sets these boxes apart. White can feel more neutral than a kraft interior, and helps products pop when unboxing, especially with colored crinkle paper or tissue paper.

Most importantly, Cratejoy boxes are available in smaller quantities than custom boxes. Because they're manufactured at high volumes the prices are comparable to blank boxes but they're shipped out in quantities from as few as 50 pieces. You can even get a sample bundle of two boxes.

We believe subscription boxes are an e-commerce model that’s prime for new ideas and experimentation, and we're so excited to help power it with Cratejoy. 

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