Stylized Minimalism: Herbivore Botanicals on Branding Simplicity

One of the major trends of the past few years has been “getting back to basics.” Farm-to-table, the capsule wardrobe, and tiny houses have all been part of an overwhelming movement toward simplicity with purpose. The purpose being to make modest, natural, lifestyle choices — and that includes skincare.

The beauty industry has changed drastically since people began to question what the heck is in all the stuff they put on their skin, and Herbivore Botanicals is one of the brands that’s answering that question. They're doing that not only with simple, natural products, but packaging that resonates with a market of people that wants their lifestyle basics to be not-too-basic.

Founders Alex Kummerow and Julia Wills designed the Herbivore Botanicals packaging themselves, and like a lot of natural skincare products, their brand started on Etsy. In 2011, Etsy was very crafty, and also krafty. Herbivore’s aesthetic mirrored that of a lot of kitchen-based brands with kraft paper, twine and washi tape. But assistant account manager Willie Freitas said, “We quickly recognized the potential of being lost amidst the rapidly growing urban makers market trend.”

 Stylized Minimalism: Herbivore Botanicals on Branding Simplicity  Stylized Minimalism: Herbivore Botanicals on Branding Simplicity

“Our packaging has been crucial in defining our brand as the natural beauty go-to for tangible luxury.”

Packaging became a huge priority for Herbivore after being picked up by their first big retailer, Urban Outfitters. They needed to compete other natural beauty brands and reflect a high quality without feeling too stuffy like department store brands with a long list of chemical ingredients.

Their current palette is black, white and pastel pink with green accents in the plant imagery. Their shift to a minimal aesthetic took them out of the craft world and into the luxury beauty world. A shift to simplified branding meant they could market to a much larger audience of people, many of whom probably weren’t seeking out natural skincare but found it in the clean, striking boxes of Herbivore Botanicals. Willie said, “Our packaging has been crucial in defining our brand as the natural beauty go-to for tangible luxury."

 Stylized Minimalism: Herbivore Botanicals on Branding Simplicity

Herbivore Botanicals rounds out their packaging experience, shipping their online orders in boxes with custom tape. If you scroll through their tags Instagram feed, it’s a slew of unboxing photos and photos from people proudly displaying their new skincare as part of their bathroom gallery. Willie said people talk about their packaging almost as much as their products. When people get their orders, he said they should feel "As if they have just received a well curated treasure chest." From bottle labels to custom tape, every layer of Herbivore's packaging is meant to show attention to detail and a dedication to choosing the perfect pieces for every touchpoint of their brand.

Feature image via Satori Boutique.

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