5 Ecommerce Tips to Prepare for Holiday Shipping

Are you ready for the biggest shopping days of the year? The National Retail Federation estimates 164 million people plan to shop Thanksgiving weekend, and according to a Deloitte study, your online sales can increase up to 21 percent. In the midst of all the holiday madness, we want to make sure that you're ready to ship like a pro. Here's a checklist of five important details to ensure that you're ready for peak holiday season.

Make returns easy

An easy return process is crucial for your customer's experience and fluid reverse logistics. After all, with a boost in orders comes more returns. Make sure that you're returns policy is easy to find and try some strategic packaging choices, to simplify the process.

Talk to your 3PL

When you're shipping with a 3PL during a big shopping holiday, communicate early and often. Shipment delays are bound to happen so be conservative in your estimates and allow buffer room for any hiccups that may occur. If you have any marketing campaigns or promotions that will affect shipping volume, coordinate to execute your plans seamlessly.

Consider offering gift wrap

Offering an extra unwrapping element on your holiday orders can boost revenue. A gift wrap option is also a major draw for online shoppers looking for easier gifting. Whether you go all out or keep it simple, extra details make delivered goods feel special. Explore 10 ideas for ecommerce holiday packaging.

Customize the experience

Nothing says festive quite like a customized seasonal mailer or box. From a dash of color to a full on winter pattern, there are a ton of ways to put your packaging design in the spirit. Get some inspiration.

Stay stocked up

Running out of supplies puts a dreaded cramp in the fulfillment process. On top of that, lead times are longer on custom packaging as Black Friday gets closer. To ensure that you're fully stocked in time for holiday shipping, reference our Holiday Deadlines page.

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