Getting the Most Out of Your Poly Mailer Design

For shipping high volumes of soft goods, custom poly mailers are the go-to because they’re durable, light, and really cost effective in high volumes. But they aren't just economical — they look good too. Even though they only have two sides, mailers have a lot of design potential. In the Lumi editor, you can upload your design to the front of your mailer and choose your PMS colors to get a base price. For additional colors, materials, and printing options, download a dieline and send it to us through the custom quote form for pricing.

Here are some new ways to think about poly mailers to inspire your next package design.

This roundup includes inspiration from some of our favorite companies and designers around the web. Unless specified, these designs are not made by Lumi.

Try matte for softness

The texture of your mailer is definitely something to consider. Koreswim came to Lumi for matte mailers which have a softer, more subdued look — perfect for complementing super soft or delicate goods like swimsuits. Glossy mailers have more of a pop and they're slightly more durable since they have an extra coating. 

 Getting the Most Out of Your Poly Mailer Design

Be social

Speaking of pop, Local Eclectic definitely uses the glossy finish to their advantage. They really own their voice online, so when they came to us, they wanted to take that voice offline and remind customers what they're all about. It never hurts to tell people where to find you online and build an offline community at the same time.

Local Eclectic
 Getting the Most Out of Your Poly Mailer Design

Flip your pattern

Take note that the back of your mailer will get some stage time when you close the adhesive flap. Native Shoes sent us a dieline with a repeating pattern on the back of their mailer so they have some variation to the signature blue front.

Native Shoes
 Getting the Most Out of Your Poly Mailer Design

Try some metallic

When your mailer is metallic, you don't have to do anything flashy with the design. Rockets of Awesome ships their kids apparel in Lumi mailers that are made of a durable mylar with a chrome finish. The white mailer is slipped inside for convenient returns

Rockets of Awesome
 Getting the Most Out of Your Poly Mailer Design

Make your logo secondary

Instead of placing their logo front and center, apparel brand Howies embraces their all-natural ethos with wood textures throughout their branding, keeping their logo humble on a small tab along the edge.

Howies by Carter Wong Design
 Getting the Most Out of Your Poly Mailer Design

Embrace the journey

People want to know the story of your product, and your mailer is a part of that story. Benny Gold channels vintage postage iconography to show customers where their package came from. He also wanted a metallic gold for the ink, and we were happy to oblige.

Benny Gold
 Getting the Most Out of Your Poly Mailer Design

Incorporate a label

Think about using your mailer as a backdrop to a beautiful label. This pattern from Stor is simple and elegant with the brand information and logo on the label for a more layered aesthetic.

STÓR by Socio Design
 Getting the Most Out of Your Poly Mailer Design

Add a sticker

If you're looking for a way to add a callout to your mailer, stickers (or a sticker-like design) is a fun approach. It would be great for a social campaign or to publicize a promotion. 

Mercht Getting the Most Out of Your Poly Mailer Design

If you can't create your ideal poly mailer in our editor, drop us a line for details and pricing on additional colors, materials, and printing options. 

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