One Tag, Five Ways. Make Hang Tags Your Next Brand Hero

The humble hang tag has been a pricing go-to for generations, but that’s not all they’re good for. They’re an affordable, versatile way to pass on information about your products and you can hang them anywhere. We love the shipping tag in particular. It has a familiar, inviting shape that’s been around for generations, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it modern. Pair yours with a stamp, embosser, or simply a pen, and you turn a modest hang tag into an all around hero for your brand.

 One Tag, Five Ways. Make Hang Tags Your Next Brand Hero

Show how it's made

How a product is made actually has a big impact on people's buying decisions. People trust brands that go above and beyond to practice transparency. Customers want to know if products were made sustainably produced, locally sourced, or handmade, so give them all the details on your tag. This is especially great for beauty, food, and apparel brands

Designer Matthew Gorton went with a story approach for Dan River Mills, using the tag to talk about the heritage and quality of the brand. Tags for The Citizenry by Veda House expand on the brand story, providing philanthropic details and numbering each piece in a limited run — just like art. 

 One Tag, Five Ways. Make Hang Tags Your Next Brand Hero

Show the size

We’ve seen a lot of stamped hang tags in our time, and using them to show sizing is definitely one of the most practical ways to use them. You can have a stamp for each size like In Haus Press, or circle your size like Tobacco Road Purveyors. You can also write in the size by hand, adding a little more personality to your tagging.

 One Tag, Five Ways. Make Hang Tags Your Next Brand Hero

Ditch your labels 

Don’t be afraid to ditch sticky labels altogether. Hang tags are a versatile way to label and brand bottles and containers of all sizes. The branding on Beef & Basics containers is the same no matter what’s inside, which makes it for easy for them to order them custom, printed jars and bottles in bulk. To label what’s inside, they stick to hang tags. The jar from Sunday Suppers is oh-so-chic with no markings at all on the actual amber glass. 

 One Tag, Five Ways. Make Hang Tags Your Next Brand Hero

Add a slogan 

If your logo is on your product and your packaging, you may not need it on your hang tag. Instead, this could be the perfect place wax philosophical about your brand with a slogan that sums up your mission. Apparel brand We Are Bound By Blood layers red marker slashes with slogan stamps, and Purearth’s juices speak for themselves. Each flavor has a bit of character with fun phrases that could mean a lot to someone who is two days into a juice cleanse.

 One Tag, Five Ways. Make Hang Tags Your Next Brand Hero

Get the most out of it

Your hang tag can do double duty as a product all it’s own. Elizabeth Pawle uses hers to double as a quirky pin backing. In Haus Press classes up their tags with leather tassels and a fun phrase so they double as bookmarks. You can also use tags to share your brand’s Snapchat QR code, a coupon, or an invititation to a future event.

Our tags come in variety of colors and they go great with a stamp. If you add them to your packaging system, show us with the tag #madewithlumi!

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