Modern Designs for Classic, Black and White Tape

Custom tape is one of the most versatile branding tools out there. You can put it on any size box or mailer and boom — you have custom packaging. Your brand may call for full-on color tape, splashed with a funky pattern, or maybe something more subdued and minimal. 

Lately we've seen a lot of custom tapes in classic black and white and while the colorway isn't something totally new, it's timeless and especially bold and striking. Here are some black and white packing tapes that have caught our eye.

This roundup includes inspiration from some of our favorite companies and designers around the web. Unless specified, these designs are not made by Lumi.

For this fashion boutique, the image of black tape isn't just a utility — it's an important visual element across all parts of their branding. And the black tape on a white box looks very high-end, especially with the shine of the poly material.

 Modern Designs for Classic, Black and White Tape

Les Market by Planet Creative

This Finnish interior stylist's aesthetic is extremely modern and tastefully minimal. To complement the slightest rounded edges on her logo typeface, the tape design embraces the whimsy with randomized orientations of the logomark. Layered on a box, it kind of mimics confetti.

 Modern Designs for Classic, Black and White Tape

Susanna Vento by Werklig

This brand has every right to be blocky, because they make cement. Somehow the repeating "C" doesn't feel too heavy when it's broken up with the brand name and information. It definitely makes the cement seem high class.

 Modern Designs for Classic, Black and White Tape

Cemento by S-T

This series of Brooklyn icons built with beer bottles definitely deserves to be seen as much as possible on yards and yards of tape. The pattern is quirky and fun, and in black and white, it feels extra polished.

 Modern Designs for Classic, Black and White Tape

Bed-Stuy Beer by Gustav Karlsson

It looks like a label, but operates like tape. This branded tape from Heydays looks upstanding when stuck parallel on top of packaging, but when it's stuck at spontaneous angles and overlaps, the packaging feels more fun and rebellious.

 Modern Designs for Classic, Black and White Tape


We saved the most ornate for last. Misc Goods Co.'s self-aware tape is all vintage with rich textures and typefaces. The black-on-white tape looks lovely on a white box and plays up the vintage feel.

 Modern Designs for Classic, Black and White Tape

Misc Goods Co. by Tyler Deebs

Design your own classy, custom tape in colors that work best for your brand.

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