15 Branding Solutions with Short Lead Times

Custom printed boxes or mailers may not work for every project, but the great news is there's more than one way to customize your packaging.

Blank mailers and boxes have low minimums and speedy turnaround times. When combined with quick, custom supplies like stickers or rubber stamps, they're great alternatives to going for a full, printed packaging run.

See your customization options in action, and use the charts below to see the Lumi minimums and turnaround times for the most common of blank packaging and branding supplies.

 15 Branding Solutions with Short Lead Times

How to customize blank boxes

Boxes come in kraft or white options and a vast selection of sizes. They can be stamped and sealed with branded supplies.

  • Box + custom tape: Seal your box with custom tape, utilize all the sides the box has to offer.
  • Box + stamp: Stamp your boxes with a rubber stamp. The key is doing it before you assemble them.
  • Box + colored tape: Craft a similar look with a strip of full-bleed colored tape.
  • Box + label: Seal your box with a large label in lieu of tape.
  • Box + sticker: Place a sticker on a box and get creative with positioning.
 15 Branding Solutions with Short Lead Times

How to customize blank envelope mailers

Most envelope mailers come in the paper or plastic variety, each one with its own customization options.

  • Kraft mailer + sticker: Experiment with sticker shape and placement.
  • Emboss the back flap of a kraft mailer: Emboss the flap of your mailer or add an embossed metallic sticker.
  • Blank poly mailer with a custom label: Poly mailers are plastic so they can't be customized with ink from stamps. Packing tape is a bit tricky to stick on the thin plastic, but a well-placed label is a great alternative.
  • Kraft mailers with colored tape: Use color solid, colored tape and stick it at an angle for quick customization.
  • Kraft mailer + stamp: Use a rubber stamp or pre-inked stamp to brand your kraft mailer. Play around with placement!
  • Kraft mailers with custom tape: Seal your mailer with custom gummed or poly tape.
 15 Branding Solutions with Short Lead Times

How to customize the inside of a package

The inside of a box offers another chance for a custom unboxing experience.

  • Box + colored shipping label: Use a colored label to personalize this shipping necessity.
  • Seal tissue + a sticker: Seal tissue paper with a branded sticker. Stamped hang tags are great too.
  • Cotton drawstring bag + stamp: Customize cotton bags with a stamp.
  • Hangtags + stamp: Tie on a stamped hang tag for a personal touch.

Blank packaging options

Product Minimum quantity Turnaround
Standard boxes 200 2 days
Economy boxes 200 2 days
Economy drawstring bags 100 2 days
Kraft flexible mailers 500 2 days
Kraft rigid mailers 200 2 days
Kraft expandable mailers 500 2 days
Kraft padded mailers 250 2 days
Kraft bubble mailers 500 2 days
Poly mailers 100 3 days
Poly bubble mailers 500 8 days

Branding supplies

Product Minimum quantity Turnaround
Hang tags 1,0002 days
Rubber stamp 13 days
Thermal shipping labels 14 days
Paper embosser 17 days
Pre-inked stamp 18 days
Stickers/labels 25010 days
Custom gummed tape 104 weeks
Custom poly tape 364 weeks

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