Pick the Ideal Shipping Tape for Your Brand

We offer two custom shipping tapes to seal your packages: Gummed Paper Tape and Poly Packing Tape. They each have low minimums and wicked stick, but your needs may be different depending on your brand aesthetic, what you’re packing, and your budget. Here’s the full rundown of our two shipping tapes so you can get rolling with the one that best suits you. 

Gummed Paper Tape

The magic of gummed tape is that the water-activated adhesive creates a permanent, long-lasting bond with your box. It isn't affected by drastic temperatures, it absorbs any dust, and when it's on a box, that box is completely recyclable (which is not the case with poly tape). Since it's not pressure-sensitive, gummed tape will hold down your box flaps with little effort from you. There's a reason high-volume shippers like Amazon use this tape for all of their shipments.

 Pick the Ideal Shipping Tape for Your Brand
Non-reinforced: 10 roll minimum, each roll is 3" x 600'. Holds up to 40 lbs.

Reinforced: 10 roll minimum, each roll is 3" x 450'. Reinforced with woven fiberglass yarns. Holds up to 60lbs.

Equipment Needed

To activate the adhesive and cut you gummed tape, you'll need a gummed tape dispenser. A manual one will run you $100-350, but this is not your average tape dispenser. To get that signature stick, these special dispensers wet the tape (like licking an envelope) and cut it to the exact length you want. You can package shipments faster and with more precision. You’ll wonder how you ever shipped without it. 

It’s a high-volume investment that will pay for itself quickly. The reason for the broad price range is because base models have less features and they’re smaller so they hold less water. This is the one we use for our shipments. 


Gummed paper tape in kraft or white has a kraft paper texture, ideal for brands that are going for a raw, natural, industrial or elemental aesthetic. This tape blends well with the texture of boxes and the kraft color creates a monochromatic look that you can use to your advantage in your designs.

 Pick the Ideal Shipping Tape for Your Brand

Clockwise from top left: Fab 365 by Studio Lin, Social Print Studio by Martin Bush, Kiwi & Pom by Morse StudioLumi

Packing Tape

Our plastic packing tape is ready to use right off the roll. It sticks to the surface of your box, rather than bonding with the cardboard. Without a permanent bond, your packing tape is ideal for shipments on which the tape may need to be removed and resealed for returns or box reuse.

 Pick the Ideal Shipping Tape for Your Brand
Lightweight Polypropylene: 36 roll minimum, each roll is 2"x 330'. Holds up to 30 lbs.
Heavyweight PVC: 36 roll minimum, each roll is 2"x 330'. Holds up to 40 lbs.

equipment optional

For quick, efficient packing, we suggest getting a standard, handheld packing tape dispenser for $10-12.


Plastic packing tape in clear or white is made of a shiny, poly material. The extra shine and smooth texture makes it ideal for poppy brands, bold graphics, and geometric elements. 

 Pick the Ideal Shipping Tape for Your Brand

Clockwise from top left: The Lollipop Shoppe by Studio Makgill, Bubu by Bob Design, Cemento by S-T, This Way Up

Whichever shipping tape you pick, it's sure to look better with your brand on it. Start sealing your boxes and mailers with branded tape for maximum brand impact that sticks.

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