Packaging That Lasts: 10 Uses for Cotton Bags

Everyone loves free stuff, and a cotton bag is the kind of free stuff that has a personal, lasting effect on your customers, all while doubling as a perfect packaging tool. As a dust bag, jewelry pouch, or product container, custom cotton bags make your product feel a bit more special and tactile. The soft canvas material lets these bags skip the recycle bit and make your customer want to hold onto them, like a functional token of your brand. We've seen them used a lot of ways, and it seems these versatile, drawstring pouches can take any product to the next level.

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 Packaging That Lasts: 10 Uses for Cotton Bags

Hard goods

Left: Maker Monthly Right: Areaware

A cotton bag provides super functional inner packaging that keeps your various product pieces together, both during and after transit. These branded bags from Areaware and Maker Monthly get a second life, doubling as product organization and storage even after the unboxing. 

 Packaging That Lasts: 10 Uses for Cotton Bags

Paper goods

Left: Troop Outdoor supply Company Right: Fellow Fellow

Books, journals, magazines, and stationery feel more personal with a tactile cotton bag acting as a liner inside a mailer or box. It's a great compliment to paper textures.

 Packaging That Lasts: 10 Uses for Cotton Bags

Swag items

Left: Lauren Scotti Right: Eastfield Village by Hovard Design

Take a queue from wedding photographer Lauren Scotti and treat your cotton bags as pieces of goodwill from your brand. Lauren uses her branded bags to hold USB drives of her clients' photos when she ships them a package.

 Packaging That Lasts: 10 Uses for Cotton Bags


Left: Native Collective Right: Conflicted Pixie

Cotton bags are handy traveling companions for jewelry. After you've shipped your pieces to your customer, they'll use your cotton bag again to travel with your collection.

 Packaging That Lasts: 10 Uses for Cotton Bags


Left: Native Wilds Right: Stranger and Stranger

Bag sizes go up to 12" × 16," so why not ship out your soft goods in soft pouches? The canvas texture makes for signature inner packaging to ship your t-shirts, denim, and any other soft goods.

 Packaging That Lasts: 10 Uses for Cotton Bags

Odds and ends

Left: Anthropologie Right: Justine Cristie Gilbuena

Drawstring bags are great at holding little bits and pieces that would otherwise get lost in the hustle and bustle of tissue paper or bubble wrap — think pins and earrings with backings, key chains, and small gift items.

 Packaging That Lasts: 10 Uses for Cotton Bags


Left: Rewined Right: Brooklyn Candle

On their own, cotton bags won't keep your jars and bottles from breaking in transit, but they will keep them from getting scuffed by cardboard and filler. Use the bags to hold glass items before adding bubble wrap and crinkle paper.

 Packaging That Lasts: 10 Uses for Cotton Bags

Bath and Beauty

Left: Boyd's Farm Right: Marfa Brand Soap

Soaps, salves and essential oils fit right in with the canvas texture and aesthetic of cotton bags. With the rise of handmade bath and body goods, the sustainability factor of the bags is a major plus.

 Packaging That Lasts: 10 Uses for Cotton Bags


Left: Ada Blackjack Goods Right: BLVDier

Accessories like wallets, scarves and ties can feel a little lackluster in a box or mailer all by themselves. With cotton bags, you can ship them with a bit more brand character.

 Packaging That Lasts: 10 Uses for Cotton Bags

Kits and sets

Right: This is Ground via CB2 Left: Semaphor Oblique Dominoes

Whether its game sets or or DIY kits, keep it altogether in a permanent storage solution that's also a selling point for your products. People love getting more bang for their buck.

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