The Big Reveal: Clever Designs That are Inside the Box

Seven brands making the most of their interior box design.


Dogfooding with Gabby Slome

Talking pup health and packaging design with the co-founder of the human-grade dog food brand, Ollie


A Perfect Fit: Sustainability Through Snug Packaging

8 clever solutions to minimize your packaging for less waste and cheaper shipping.


Second Life Packaging: A Clever Approach to Sustainability

Designs for reusable packaging that skip the recycling bin.


Talking Trash with Iris Alonzo

Iris is taking her learnings from American Apparel and applying them to a new brand founded on ethics and ecology.


How the Paper Industry is Offsetting Climate Change

A deep dive into the forests and paper mills that produce one of the most important materials on the planet.

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Talk Shop with Yo Santosa and Owen Gee

Branding goes beyond the logo. We talked with design agency Ferroconcrete about crafting a memorable brand.


Making Science Personal with Craig Elbert

Founder of Care/Of and former VP of Marketing at Bonobos, Craig Elbert tells us how he went from mens fashion to vitamins.


How the Corrugate Market Affects Box Prices

These are the industry changes affecting the increase in box pricing.


Becoming Your Own Refuge with Jesse Genet

From running a business with boobs to small space living, Lumi founder Jesse Genet shares some advice from her years as an entrepreneur.


Running a Business with Boobs: The Things I Never Say

5 things the Lumi founder has never said about the things you shouldn't say either. All of them are from personal experience.


Talk Shop with Founders of EVERYBODY, Iris Alonzo and Carolina Crespo

Coming from a long stint at American Apparel, Iris and Carolina are starting a totally new, factory-focused apparel brand for everybody.


7 Headline-Worthy Book Mailer Designs

Beautiful, bookish, easy-fold mailer designs for shipping literature.


Finding the Right Fit with Jay Fanelli and Nathan Peretic

Cotton Bureau founders Jay and Nate drop the big news about why and how they're launching their own line of blank t-shirts.


The Color Scheme Suited for Almost Any Brand: White on Kraft

6 Designs that prove the versatility of white-on-kraft branding.

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Tackling Taboos with Miki Agrawal

Miki talks about how she's taking stigmas head-on with innovative products for periods, pee, and poop.


Talk Shop with Sara Hicks, Co-Founder of Reaction Commerce

Tech veteran and product development pro, Sara Hicks is talking e-commerce — what businesses are doing now to succeed and how they can prep for the future.


White Packing Tape That's Anything But Vanilla

Five design tips to really make your white tape pop.


Lumi + Cratejoy, Boxes Designed for Subscriptions

We're partnering with Cratejoy to offer boxes designed specifically for their subscription box customers.


Getting the Most Out of Your Poly Mailer Design

Design tips and inspiration for standout poly mailers.


Talk Shop with Noun Project Co-Founder, Edward Boatman

To start off the 2017 Talk Shop series, Noun Project co-founder shares what he's learned about the essentials of visual communication and how they launched their new project, Lingo.


Holiday Gift Guide 2016

22 of our favorite gift ideas from brands that ship with Lumi.


From Pixels to Print, Preparing Your Design for Production

How your dielines turn into physical packaging.


Packaging Strategies for Efficient Returns

How to prep your products for a round trip by making returns painless for your customers and your team.

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